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As promised, I didn't leave! But I haven't been exactly active either since my last update in September. ^^; This is a long read, I'm sorry, but quite some things did happen which led to quite a few changes. 

I've been very unmotivated and uninspired. I had a lot of other things on my mind other than BJD and as time progressed I struggled more and more to find inspiration or motivation. I also had to make decisions that were very hard for me to make, but I am glad I made them nevertheless. Because I was really struggling with several characters, I decided to change their stories. This means, I will have to edit their history and events. Though their character traits will mostly stay the same, I cannot promise some haven't changed a tad bit as well. These characters are: Aurora, Nathanael, Nikolas, Kate, Michael, Daniel.

This means my current friendship/family tree is no longer correct. I haven't yet been able to fix it entirely, because there are still question marks left.

That aside, I have been really struggling with more than just my characters. Bad luck seems to follow me around quite a lot and though I could live with it, it also started slipping into the hobby. At first, after this major decision to change things around, I decided to took a short break. (And to focus on throwing my Halloween party which ate loads of time.) But then.. somehow I started losing my bonds with my dolls. Picking them up felt like picking up dolls I had never held before and I simply couldn't even pose them anymore! Azazel kept faceplanting, where I normally pose him best of all. So it made me really uncertain to touch anyone. Especially considering I already had broken Aurora earlier this year. 

I also didn't feel inspiration for pictures and when I did take some, it felt very flat and without emotion. No feel behind it, no bond.. and it reflected painfully much. I didn't even feel up for RP anymore, which was always my #1 choice of past time. And just when you think: it cannot get worse.. it does.

I lost the hat that is so very trademark for Kim! His nine9style white beret/beanie! T__T I'm so devastated about this. It feels like Kim has lost his muchness. I hope I can find it back when I get the time to search through all my stuff, but I'm not sure when I can do so. And secondhand, no one seems to want to sell one. T_T I cried so much that night. And I was at the end. I wanted to just quit the hobby, I was so done with all this shit going wrong and what not.

But the day after I had a meeting. A trade-meet with friends. I didn't want to go anymore, but of course I did. I felt calm in the morning, like that crying the night before had somehow let go of lots of steam that had build up pressure inside of me. And at the meet? I had so much fun! It was good, sniffing through bags and boxes of doll clothes, wigs, items.. finding things to trade with one another. And man, did I get a lot of fun stuff! :D 

However, at the end of the night some heads were still up for grabs. I ended up holding one (see my latest upload!) and I couldn't let go of it anymore. So after long moments of doubt I went for it. I had to make changes in plans I already had in order to get him, but now I am glad I did. I feel inspired again and motivated. My pictures? They're sparking to life again. So, though he gives me the trouble of having to find him a place and character, he brings back what I needed as well. He anchors me back into the hobby. :) 

And that's where we are now. I will write out all profiles hopefully before the end of the year. I won't be posting them on DA, but I will let you know where to find them through a journal update. :) I realise now that DA just isn't the right place for me to showcase it all. So I decided the following: I will put my stories/profiles in one place. Occasionally upload something on DA and stick around for the art and friends. :)

And, that's it I guess! Here some pictures from the meet and last week to make up for it:

A shoot I did in between. It was so long ago since I last did a big shoot that wasn't BJD related. ^_^
It was a nice change of pace and I am proud of the outcome!


Just call me Lavender!
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Hi there! Welcome to my profile-page.

Currently my page is still somewhat under construction. I'm working on getting all my doll-profiles organized and get the stories more accessible for those who aren't familiar about the sequence yet. Also, I'm trying to keep myself uploading - something I have neglected a bit in the past. ^^; But now I'm back again and more active than I've ever been!

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