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Alright. I've decided there was plenty of interest to get this show on the road. :) I'll start with the prizes and then go on to the rules. Please read them and if there are any questions left, feel free to drop a comment. ^^ Don't feel intimidated, the rules are very simple. I just suck at keeping things short, haha! Feel free to spread the news! :)

Who can enter and when?
Anyone, anytime. You do not have to be a watcher(!), you don't have to watch me for this.
You can also enter last minute. Feel free to spread the word!

March 19th 2016 (My Birthday, w00t! XD)
This should give plenty of time for anyone to enter. 
I will make a judgement within the week that follows, depending on when I have time to sit down. I will tag everyone who participated once the announcement goes up. ;)

1st place: 500 Deviantart Points
2nd place: My remaining points (29*) and a drawing I make of your character**. 
3rd place: A drawing I make of your character**.
Everyone else: Honorary mention and feature. :) 

Do you want to participate for fun, without winning a certain prize? Go ahead! :XD: Just make sure to mention it! :)

* This number may grow if I trade more Llama's
** In case you do not have a character, we'll discuss a solution.


I'm aware that 500 points isn't a whole lot, so I will not be expecting gigantic works of art with days of effort. I rather keep things real, so everyone has a fair shot regardless of skill. So to provide everyone with the same framework, I came up with the following rules:

:bulletblue: Basic guidelines

What is the minimum requirement for the fan-art?
For drawing:
At minimum, I expect a clean line-art of the character of your choice. It has to be at least one character, obviously. If you pick more characters, I'll be judging each character separately. Whether you color it or not, I will leave up to you. I won't make this a requirement as I know not everyone enjoys coloring.

You're free to also upload and show the rough pre-sketch and WIP's. (I love rough sketches, haha!) But in judging I will only look at the final, cleaned-up work. ;) 

For photography:
Cosplay-ing dolls captured with photography are allowed as well. Since in the end a photo will be digital and cosplay is also a type of fan-art. Logically, what is shown on the photo must be made/done by you and the picture must be made by you as well, unless you're the model. 

I will not allow writing however, because that I cannot judge with my stated criteria as well. And I do not feel comfortable giving away my characters in writing. I'm sorry! This way, even those who cannot draw will have a chance of participating.

Digital or Traditional of Photography?  
That is up to you.

Maximum size?

This is mostly for the traditional artists, since digital artists can use zoom and often need a large file to maintain quality in their work.At max I expect the size of A4. (Which is about 21 x 30 cm give or take.)
This is an average size of paper and seems fair for everyone to me? 
For Digital and Photography: Make sure your final work is not pixely/blurry or grainy. (Unless intentionally so.)

Materials I can use? 
Also up to you. Artistic freedom is bliss. ^^ I hate limiting creative skills.
Feel free to use pencils, pens, paint, Photoshop, photography and what else is out there. (Even if it doesn't start with the letter P, haha!)

May I use references? 
Yes, you may. It would be hypocritical of me to refuse this, since I often need them as well in order to produce something. I do not, however, approve of tracing. That would be considered art theft.

:bulletblue: Important - I expect you to keep things in-character
I will be looking for something that shows me that you know the character you have selected to draw. Take a look at the characters you can select from. If you are not familiar with any of them, you can contact me about those who speak to you at first glance, so I can provide more information. Of course, those who are familiar with them but would like to know more too, are free to approach me as well. I'll approach everyone the same.

You are free to draw multiple characters in one work of art. This will score you bonus points. However, if one of the two is not in-character, that can also cost you.

My characters have trademarks and specific styles and I have spend a lot of time in making them different from one another. Also, each one has something special I adore in them. So the more you can show what makes a character that specific character, the more points you are likely to score during judging. Of course, if you ask me about this, I will tell you what these are. However - I won't provide feedback on a WIP. I will only answer written text. 

:bulletblue: Artist's comment
In your artist's comment I expect the following information:
- Why you choose this specific character.
- Credits/links to references used (in case you have)
- Credits for my character and me
(Example: "Charactername" belongs to Lavandula-BJD )

:bulletblue: How to submit?
Upload your work in your DeviantArt Gallery (or scraps) and link me to your work of art in a comment or note. I will then add it to a temporary file in my favorites for this competition which you can find here:…
Once you received notification of my favoriting your work, you know it's been submitted. :)

If you made a traditional work of art, be sure to scan or photograph it as clearly as possible. (Take a look at my artwork for example, that's been photographed and lightly edited to look decent enough. ;)

Feel free to put your own tag on the image. I understand the pain of art theft. ^^

:bulletblue: How will I judge?
Of course, I am aware that not everyone has the same amount of skill. That is why I won't just be looking for the prettiest work of art. If I were to put it in percentages: 75% I will look at how in-character the drawing is. Here I will look for how well you show your knowledge about this character. Not just in your comment, but also in the drawing. The other 25% I will look at the effort that's put into it and how much I like your work. I will of course take into consideration your personal level of skill, so please don't feel intimidated by anyone. ^^

Also know I will not leave a comment on your work before the deadline. I will visit every submission separately after judging to leave a personal comment. This to ensure I won't accidentally say things that could favor someone. :)

:bulletblue: Characters you can choose from:
Because some characters are not quite finished yet, I find it unfair to make them available as only those who know me well would be able to draw them. Some characters are to undergo some changes in some point of the future, which made me decide to make them unavailable as well. So; you can select a character, or multiple characters from the following grid. Please visit the deviation for a little more information. (Click on image to go there.)

500 Point Fan-art Competition - Character options by Lavandula-BJD


Just call me Lavender!
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Hi there! Welcome to my profile-page.

Currently my page is still somewhat under construction. I'm working on getting all my doll-profiles organized and get the stories more accessible for those who aren't familiar about the sequence yet. Also, I'm trying to keep myself uploading - something I have neglected a bit in the past. ^^; But now I'm back again and more active than I've ever been!

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