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So; I've been tagged quite a bit lately. I'll answer them at the end of this entry. :)

This month has been quite a hectic one, once more. :XD: We've rebuild/remodeled our bathroom and I was the head of the project. So that ate a lot of my time! Other than that I've been hanging out with a lot of friends I hadn't seen in some time and I've basically picked up on some hobbies I had neglected a bit. (Such as reading.) And yesterday I even went to a doll/bear-market with some BJD friends and scored a much needed hound-sized pants! I so can't wait to tell you my big news! :D I'm coming back here, I promise!

But I've also done a lot of thinking. I know I haven't uploaded any pictures in a while. And I'm still bothered with the art-thieves. I rather not upload my work without a tag, but I do not have Photoshop on my computer. Which means I would only be able to do a very obnoxious tag.
Then again - tags are so easy to remove if you know how to use Photoshop. So, that is kinda the circle in which my mind moves.

I'm very protective of my photos, because to me they simply mean a lot. And I know by uploading them online, I'm prone to lose copyright (because people don't care or simply don't know any better.) So how much use do tags have in the end? (Other than finding back the original owner?)

I know I keep re-visiting this topic, but I'm just really bothered by not being able to make up my mind. And reading other people their thoughts/opinions does help me expand my own vision. So.. yeah. I've been playing with the idea to upload smaller images with some kind of new tag in them. (Or the same one, but not see-through.) And perhaps replace them one day with the bigger edited one when I do get my work edited through Photoshop. (My laptop is a hell..)

Would you like that? :) 


And now, on to the tags I've got! XD

The questions from :iconvampierdraakje:

1. Favorite band?
This depends on my mood mostly. I have several I keep returning to. Usually rock. :)
2. Favorite art (as in work)?
I love all sorts of arts, but I think photography and drawing/painting will always be my #1. Just see my favourites. ;)
3. Favorite art artist?
Hng.. don't make me pick! There are too many I'm actively following!
4. One thing you can not live without?
You'd think I'd say my dolls here. Part of that it right, but I think my camera wins out. If both fall, I'd only catch my camera. (Next to that, my books are also very important to me.)
5. Favorite book?
Oh dear.. So much! But for a long time 'Soul Mates' by Jourdan Lane has been my favorite series. (That, or Anne Rice's vampire Chronicles.)
6. What is your biggest addiction?
-brainfarts- This is a hard one, you know? o.o I can't say food or drinks, because that changes too sudden. Items? Perhaps, but I'm a collector. Currently I'm mostly addicted to my books and manga again. But I really can't name my top #1 addiction.
7. Is there a character that you would date in an instant if it was a real person?
OhGodYes. Plenty. So many awesome book-characters. Heck - even some of my own characters. XD (Even the girls, haha!)
8. Pick a song that would describe me.
I take it you mean a song to describe VampierDraakje? Man, that's a hard one. Something happy and cheerful! (But with a twist, cheeky!)
9. Vampire or lycan?
Vampire. No doubt about it. (Though I much rather have an Angel or a Demon.)
10. Best comic?
Online? Teahouse.
Books? Too many manga to mention here. I have 2 bookcases full of them. o_O (And I don't buy unless they're good.)

The questions from :icondevilishxlianneke:

1. Which colour makes you happy?
Blue. :)
2. What's your favourite kind of animal?
A kat, I think. But also a rabbit. Dogs unless they drool.
3. Which song makes you cry? (and why?) 

Jo Dee Messina - Heaven was needing a hero
4. Imagine; you're standing in an abandoned building and all of the sudden a real scary man appears with a bloody knife. What would you do? 

Scream and try to run? Try to find protection and a way out? Kick him in the groins? I don't know. I'd probably panic and brainfart. XD
5. Name 3 qualities of yourself.

Caring, creative, helpful.
6. Which Quote inspires you the most and who's quote is it?

"Nothing that grieves us can be called little: by the eternal laws of proportion a child's loss of a doll and a king's loss of a crown are events of the same size." - Mark Twain
And my own: You only live life once. Make the best out of it. (Before the whole Yolo thing started. =_=")
7. Who's the most special person in your life? (Fantasy chars allowed)

Regan. Without a doubt. He is my first. But I have many special friends, and I would't be able to pick a #1.
8. In which movie you want to play, who would you like to play and why? 

Oh, interesting one. I don't think I'd like to play on screen though. I'm not a stage-person. XD But if anything, a musical would be fun!
9. Brains or looks?

How about a combination of both? Though I usually end up falling for someone's character, both play equal parts in the matter of course. :)
10. Do you want to build a snowman?
... I don't like Frozen all that much. XD

The questions from :iconpuppitproductions:

1. Do you have any peculiar habits/ ticks?
And brainfart. I have plenty though..
2. What was your favourite outdoor activity as a kid?

Exploring things. Looking around, wandering the neighbourhood. There weren't many kids to play with. XD
3. Coffee or tea?

Tea. I do love Hazelnut Coffee, but sadly I now get sick drinking it. Darn IBS.
4. What is your favourite kind of tree?

Willow tree!
5. What is the last game you played (card and board games included)?

The Great Dalmuti. It's a fun, simple game to play. XD
6. Have you ever hit or kicked someone with the genuine intention to hurt him/her?

Of course. But that person definitely earned it if I did. (And the few I remember, were always hurting me first.)
7. Do you have an arch enemy (or several enemies)?

8. Do you still have your favourite toy or plush from when you were small?

Yes, of course! 8D 
9. How would you describe your style (appearance-wise, not art)?

I used to be alternative, trying not to stand out and wearing black. But the past years I slowly broke away from it and since 6 months now I turned more girly than I have ever been. I wear skirts and frilly things, omg!
10. If you could live anywhere, in any time, including fantasy worlds, where would you live and what would your occupation be?

Why do these questions all make me brainfart!? There are several different worlds I absolutely adore, but still wouldn't want to live in myself. (Example: Inuyasha's feudal Era.)
But I think I would most enjoy living in a setting created for one of my own characters and to live their life for a change. However, I have nothing I'd like to be a permanent part of. (Not that I can come up with right now. ^^; ) I mostly have places I'd like to visit. ;)

The questions from :iconamber-kyou:

1. What talents do you have?
Some would say photography, though I feel much like an amateur still. :XD: But I think my biggest talent is cleaning up. Whenever I run out of storage, I redecorate and replace items and even though I always add more stuff, I come out with empty storage! Now that is a talent. :P
2. What’s the furthest you've ever been on holiday?
As a child, I’ve been to Disney Land Paris twice. Other than that I don’t really have holidays. But I’ve been on a school trip to London as well. Other than Belgium and Düsseldorf; Germany I haven’t truly traveled abroad.
3. What is your most essential appliance?
My computer and my camera.
4. What type of music do you like?
Oh man.. good one. I used to listen a lot to rock and J-rock. Now, I think my favourite genre is K-pop. It depends a little on my mood what type I listen to. I love piano-plays as much as I like certain techno songs.
5. Can you play poker?
Nope! And don't want to either.
6. Who was the last person to send you a text message?
Kyanara ; yesterday. XD
7. Can you curl your tongue?
In different ways, yup.
8. Do you like clowns?
No. I absolutely do not. :”D I don’t like it when I can’t see someone’s face. (Be it a mask or painted.) It’s a miracle I ever got to enjoy cosplay, huh? XD
9. Which is your favourite pokemon?
Oh god.. ehm.. I haven’t really been into Pokémon for some years now and honestly – I don’t have a dead-favorite. But as a child I loved Ponyta the most. (When 150 was all there was.)
10. Have you ever used the phrase "back in my time" to someone younger than you?
Heck yeah. But usually to children not in their teens yet. Children that were around 10 years younger than me.



Just call me Lavender!
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Hi there! Welcome to my profile-page.

Currently my page is still somewhat under construction. I'm working on getting all my doll-profiles organized and get the stories more accessible for those who aren't familiar about the sequence yet. Also, I'm trying to keep myself uploading - something I have neglected a bit in the past. ^^;

But feel free to take a look around!

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